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Our services for healthcare professionals have been developed to identify arrhythmias accurately, reliably and cost-effectively.

Awario® services provide reliable and high-quality ECG recording

We offer two Awario services for healthcare:

With the help of Awario Event, as a healthcare professional, you can monitor your patient’s heart rate remotely and reliably, and save time.

Awario Screen, on the other hand, allows you to screen for arrhythmias by different units of your organization using a handy and portable measuring device.

You can read more about our services below. Get to know our service concept here in more detail.

Awario® Event for Remote Arrhythmia Monitoring

The Awario Event service is intended for patients who have feelings of arrhythmia but the cause of the sensation has not been diagnosed. The patient is lent an Awario Care measuring device to take home for the duration of the remote monitoring period. He or she can also perform the measurements with the device they have purchased. A healthcare professional can monitor measurement results remotely via the Awario Portal. Our system is designed to reduce the time spent going through clinically irrelevant ECG reports.

Awario® Screen for Arrhythmia Screening

The Awario Screen service provides an efficient and medically reliable way to check and diagnose heart rhythm without sending the patient for a 12-channel ECG measurement. With the Awario Screen service, asymptomatic atrial fibrillation and other arrhythmias can be easily screened at the reception, during vaccinations, at home care, or in any healthcare facility. The service can also be used to identify symptomatic arrhythmia.

With the help of a small, easy-to-carry measuring device, the use of the service is effortless for a healthcare professional. ECG reports can be transferred to the patient information system and viewed by a physician. Our scientifically selected intelligent algorithms identify four different types of arrhythmias.

Types of arrhythmias identified by our intelligent algorithms:

Atrial fibrillation

Atrial fibrillation





Ventricular inclusions

Ventricular extrasystoles

Safe And Cost-Effective Arrhythmia Monitoring

Awario is a CE marked medical device. This means that it has gone through the same certification process as devices that are used in hospitals. CE marking ensures product quality and patient safety. With the help of our services, you can provide a cost-effective arrhythmia monitoring for your customers and get them to commit to monitoring their heart rhythm, both in the short and long term.

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Our solutions

Our Awario service solutions for healthcare take ECG measurement and monitoring into people’s homes and helps save on healthcare costs. The Awario concept offers a new, easy-to-use additional service for commercial operators.

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Medical device

The Awario service is designed to diagnose arrhythmias and monitor heart rhythm. As a CE marked medical device, it provides reliable and appropriate information.

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Our professionals

Our products are based on strong scientific research. The identification of arrhythmias, data processing and usability are at the heart of the expertise of our professionals.

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