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Our Awario service solutions for healthcare take ECG measurement and monitoring into people’s homes and helps save on healthcare costs. The Awario concept offers a new, easy-to-use additional service for commercial operators.

The European Society of Cardiology ESC recommends that all individuals over the age of 65 should be screened opportunistically for atrial fibrillation, and those over the age of 75 should be screened systematically. With Awario, screening can be carried out effortlessly and cost-effectively. With reliable analytics and an easy-to-use interface, the physician can save work time by easily monitoring the patient’s heart rhythm and focusing only on ECG recordings where findings occur.

Our service concept consists of

Awario® Care Measuring Device

The Awario Care is a single-channel Class IIa approved ECG measuring device. The Awario Care measuring device has a handle-like design which makes measuring effortless. The design ensures successful self-measurements, the screening measurements performed by the medical staff, and the best ECG quality.

Awario® Application

The-easy-to-use Awario app guides your patient in taking measurements. It instructs to repeat the process if the app indicates that the first measurement was of poor quality. The data is then sent wirelessly via Bluetooth to the smartphone and onwards to the Awario analysis service. The analysis service returns the information about detected heart arrhythmias to the Awario app along with the ECG report.

Awario® Analysis Service

The heart rhythm is analysed on Heart2Save’s server by using clinically validated and medical-device-certified algorithms. With the help of the ECG report generated by the Awario analysis service, healthcare professionals can reliably diagnose a possible arrhythmia and start the treatment that is best suited for the situation at hand. Reliable analytics cuts down unnecessary visits to the doctor, reduces the time that is spent in diagnosing ECG stripes containing none or clinically insignificant arrhythmias, and serves as a support for doctors when they make decisions for treatment.

Awario Portal

Awario® Portal

Awario Portal is a web-based remote patient monitoring system that allows healthcare professionals to monitor patient’s home measurements in real time. You can easily monitor measurement activity, the quality of measurements, and check ECG measurements taken during an arrhythmia attack. In healthcare, Awario Portal is used to accelerate clinical decision making and diagnosing arrhythmias.

Better care for patients

Awario Care is a new generation symptom ECG device that engages patients to monitor their own health. It is an effective alternative to Holter monitoring, which allows for the diagnosis of arrhythmia while the patient is at home.

This is how Awario® service for healthcare works:

1. Measure

The patient presses the Awario Care ECG onto the chest. The Awario application instructs the patient during the measurement and records ECG for 30 seconds. The ECG is then sent to the Awario Analysis Service. A measurement from the chest ensures a good quality ECG.

2. Analyse

Awario Analysis service’s intelligent algorithms automatically detect arrhythmias. With a delay of a few seconds, the arrhythmia results are visible in the patient’s Awario application as well as for healthcare professionals in the Awario Portal system.

3. Diagnose

With the Awario Portal system, you can monitor your patients’ home measurements and diagnose arrhythmias effortlessly. It provides a clear overview of measurements and findings. Clinically significant ECG reports of arrhythmia findings are easily displayed in the Awario Portal system.

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