About us

Heart2Save Ltd is a Finnish, Kuopio-based health technology company founded in 2015. Our core competence is the identification of arrhythmias.

You could say our story began in a helicopter. After everything the Emergency Doctor and our CEO Helena Jäntti saw and experienced in her work, she got the idea of a device that could quickly and reliably detect heart arrhythmias before they cause serious consequences. Heart2Save Ltd was established to solve this problem.

Helena Jäntti helikopterissa

”My long experience as an emergency physician has convinced me that it would be wisest to in advance tackle problems caused by heart arrhythmia. For that to be possible, we need to get a medical device in the consumer’s pocket – and that is what we have done now”.

Helena Jäntti, Emergency Doctor


The future is in our hands – do you want to build it with us?

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Awario products and services have been developed and implemented in cooperation with many different parties. You can get to know them in more detail by clicking the links in their logos.

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