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Heart2Save as an investment

Invest in a company that creates a better tomorrow

Heart2Save is a Finnish start-up company that has focused on developing home-based solutions for heart monitoring and arrhythmia detection for the past five years. More than 90% of our business owners are doctors who want to be involved in taking hospital-level health monitoring into people’s homes. Below, we have summarized Heart2Save’s strengths as an investment.

Our products are meaningful

Stroke affects 18,000 people every year in Finland. A large number of these are caused by atrial fibrillation.
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Strong roots in science

Our products have strong roots in science and are clinically validated.

The algorithms are our diamonds

Our products are based on reliable algorithms with world-class specificity and sensitivity.

100 % made in Finland

We have a Finnish team of professionals with extensive and diverse knowledge in the health technology market. In addition, our product is completetly manufactured in Finland.

Suunto & Saurum, our trustworthy partners

We have developed our products together with Saurum and their jewellery brand Lumoava, and with Suunto and Movesense, their open development platform.

Market potential

The population is getting older, and the market for wearables is growing, which makes it possible to develop several new business areas.

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