Register and Privacy Statement 

1 Register name 

Awario register. 

2 Data Controller 

Name: Heart2Save Ltd
Address: Microkatu 1, 70210 Kuopio, Finland
Phone: +358 44 984 0576

3 Purpose of the Processing of Personal Data / Purpose of the Register 

3.1 Data Processing Related to Customer Relationship Management 

The purpose of the processing is to manage the customer relationship, implement the rights and obligations of the customer and Heart2Save Ltd, process personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Act for purposes related to online services, and direct Heart2Save Ltd’s advertising and/or direct marketing. The information is used for business purposes, such as customer relationship management and administration, and for delivering customer letters and newsletters. 

3.2 Data Processing Related to the Use of the Product 

The purpose of the processing is to provide the customer with information about cardiac arrhythmias using the ECG signal measured by the product. Signal processing is performed with a pseudonymized ECG signal. During processing, the customer’s identification data is attached to the ECG report from the customer register, if the customer has stored it there. 

3.3 Data Processing Related to Product Quality Management and Development 

The purpose of the processing is to monitor and develop algorithms related to the operation of the product. The ECG data required for processing are stored in the measurement register pseudonymized (the customer cannot be identified solely on the basis of the information contained in the measurement register; connection to the customer register is also required for identification). Algorithm development and quality control are done by using pseudonymized information. Identifying customer information is used if, based on the processing, it is necessary to contact the customer due to, for example, a detected patient safety risk or product defect. 

4 Data Content of the Register 

4.1 Customer Register 

The customer’s email address is collected in the register as mandatory information, giving first and last name is optional. 

4.2 Measurement Register

The measurement register contains the customer’s measurement orders, the measured ECG signals, the analysis results generated by the algorithm and a pseudo-identifier with which the register data can be connected with the customer of the customer register. 

5 Register Data Sources

5.1 Customer Register 

The register is compiled from the information entered by Heart2Save Ltd’s customers during registration. 

5.3. Measurement Register 

The data content of the register is produced by the ECG sensor and the algorithms included in the service. 

6 Transfers of Data Outside the EU or the European Economic Area 

Heart2Save Ltd will not transfer any register data outside the EU or the EEA or any third party except if requested by the authorities. 

7 General Principles of the Data Protection 

The register information will be kept confidential. Heart2Save Ltd’s data network and the servers on which the registers are located are protected by the necessary technical protections. The customer’s personal data is stored separately from the measurement data and analysis results. The right of access to the registers is limited on the basis of the task description. 

8 Data Subject Rights 

Data subject, i.e., the customer, has the right to request to see their personal or company data collected. By data subject request, Heat2Save Ltd will provide this information without unnecessary delays. 

9 Correction, Removal or Prohibition of Register Data 

The customer has the right to request correction of incorrect information. In addition, the customer may, if they wish, request the deletion of their personal data from the customer register. Heart2Save Ltd will make the necessary corrections and/or deletion of customer data without delay and notify the customer when the requested actions have been completed. The customer can, if they wish, cancel their order of the newsletter, in which case the customer information will be deleted from the register. The customer has the right to prohibit the disclosure and use of their data for direct advertising and other marketing. 

10 Contact Us 

In case you have questions regarding our Register and Privacy Policy, please, do not hesitate to contact us: 

Heart2Save Ltd
Microkatu 1, 70210 Kuopio, Finland
Phone: +358 44 984 0576

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