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Awario has strong roots in science. On this page you will find scientific research articles related to our service. More articles will be updated regularly.

Accuracy of atrial fibrillation detection

1. Accuracy of Awario AFIB detection algorithm

Conclusion: The Awario Analysis service detects atrial fibrillation with high sensitivity and specificity.

This study evaluated the accuracy of the atrial fibrillation detection algorithm of the Awario Analysis service. 66 AFIB and 79 patents with sinus rhythm participated in the study. Two thirty-second ECGs were recorded with the Necklace-ECG device from two positions. Simultaneously recorded three lead Holter ECG served as a golden standard for the final rhythm diagnosis. Awario Analysis service detected AFIB patients with high sensitivity of 96% and specificity of 100% when compared to golden standard rhythm evaluated by two cardiologists

Santala Onni Elmeri, et al. Necklace-embedded electrocardiogram for the detection and diagnosis of atrial fibrillation Clinical Cardiology (2021).

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The use of Awario ECG in the diagnosis of atrial fibrillation

2. Awario Gem - AFIB diagnostic accuracy

Conclusion: Physicians can diagnose atrial fibrillation with high accuracy from Awario Gem recordings.

The study evaluated the suitability of Awario Gem measurements for the diagnosis of atrial fibrillation. 145 volunteers (66 with atrial fibrillation and 79 with sinus rhythm) were measured for 30 seconds with the Awario Gem ECG in two measurement positions, 1) the palms and 2) the chest.

Simultaneously measured three lead Holter ECG served as a golden standard for the final rhythm diagnosis. Two cardiologist evaluated the Awario Gem recordings in blinded fashion, and diagnosed the correct rhythm of the Awario Gem recordings with a mean sensitivity of 97.2% and 99.1% (palm and chest, respectively) and specificity of 100% and 98.5%.

Santala Onni Elmeri, et al. Wireless ECG embedded in a necklace enables reliable detection of atrial fibrillation, Europace (2020)

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3. AFIB diagnostic accuracy of Awario ECG

Conclusion: The Awario ECG enables AFIB detection by a cardiologist with high diagnostic accuracy.

The study assessed the usefulness of the Awario ECG in the diagnosis of atrial fibrillation. Two cardiologists interpreted in a blinded (no information about the heart rhythm) fashion one 30-second Awario ECG recording from 107 patients with atrial fibrillation and 111 patients with sinus rhythm. Cardiologists rated the quality of the Awario ECG as good in 90% of the recordings, average in 9% and poor in only 1% of recordings. Cardiologists were able to identify P waves in 94% of patients with sinus rhythm.

Hartikainen Sanna, et al. Effectiveness of the Chest Strap Electrocardiogram to Detect Atrial Fibrillation.  The American journal of cardiology 123.10 (2019): 1643-1648.

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Clinical research supported by Heart2Save

Väliaho, Eemu-Samuli, et al. ”Wrist band photoplethysmography in detection of individual pulses in atrial fibrillation and algorithm-based detection of atrial fibrillation.” EP Europace 21.7 (2019): 1031-1038.

Väliaho, Eemu-Samuli, et al. ”Wrist Band Photoplethysmography Autocorrelation Analysis Enables Detection of Atrial Fibrillation Without Pulse Detection.” Frontiers in physiology 12 (2021).

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