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Physical activity and health exercise, health fitness & fitness training

This time we will explore what is meant by health exercise and go through components of health fitness. Do you know how you can affect your health fitness?

This time we will explore what is meant by health exercise and go through components of health fitness. Do you know how you can affect your health fitness?

Studies have shown that physical activity and exercise have many positive effects on physical, psychological and social health. With regular, moderate exercise that is a part of a medical treatment plan, it is possible to prevent, treat and rehabilitate various chronic diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, arterial disease, obesity, diabetes and memory loss diseases.

World Health Organization (WHO) defines physical activity as any form of bodily movement performed by skeletal muscles that increase energy expenditure. The term exercise, in turn, means physical activity that is goal-oriented, planned, and repetitive. This is done in the sense that one or more components of physical fitness are improved and maintained. The challenge in today’s societies is that physical activity decreases in everyday life. Individuals’ physical exercise relies more and more on single exercise performances that do not fully compensate for everyday physical inactivity.

Health exercise covers all physical activity and training that have been noted to affect positively on health. In other words, health exercise does not cause harmful effect on health. It is perceived as a regular practice that is moderately straining in intensity. Exercise that is more straining is called fitness training. It also improves different health benefits, but, as a downside, the risks and harms of exercising become more common. This means that in more fast-paced exercise, the risk to get hurt is bigger. MET value is often used to illustrate how physically straining different everyday tasks and forms of physical activity are. MET value shows the increased energy consumption caused by physical activity in comparison to rest.

Taking care of your health fitness promotes your health and holistic wellbeing. Health fitness means different aspects of physical fitness connected with an individual’s health and ability to function. Physical activity has a positive effect on these aspects, while inactivity causes negative effects. Health fitness is made up of musculoskeletal condition and motoric skills. Factors mentioned earlier, in turn, affect the musculoskeletal system’s ability to function. The shape of the musculoskeletal system consists of flexibility, muscle power and muscle endurance. By improving and maintaining health fitness, you will ensure that you can keep up with your active everyday life without getting tired.

By taking care of that you include enough physical activity and exercise that maintains and improves the aspects of health fitness mentioned earlier in your everyday life, you can affect your health positively and proactively.

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